The Idea Shop

Thanks for visiting The Idea Shop! We’re in the process of getting our website up and running. Below is a little bit of information about The Idea Shop and how to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

The Idea Shop believes in you! We are a marketing and advertising company that puts our expertise to work to help you build your dream. We offer strategic marketing advice to all industries

Not only are we here with ideas, IDEA is how we work:

I = involve. We involve you, our client, and key people within your organization to get a firm grasp of what you are about and where you want to be in the future.
D = determine. We work with you to determine who your target audience is – those people who would best benefit from the services and products you have. From that we develop the best message for that group – we think about how you should talk to them.
E = educate. At The Idea Shop, we believe in educating the target audience about your product. Education is the best way to build lasting relationships.
A = analyze. We analyze how the target audience is responding to the message. Sometimes it takes a while to see results, but they do come!

For more information about The Idea Shop, please contact us at:

The Idea Shop

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Alternatively, you can contact us using our online form.